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Bufab Stainless has since a long time been representing the strongest and most resistant products within stainless fasteners. Now we proudly present BUMAX 88 AND BUMAX 109 and soon also BUMAX 129 LDX. BUMAX 88 and 109 are fasteners having unique properties, enabling to move the limits ahead regarding strength, weight, corrosion resistance and total economy.

The strongest fastener in the market
The BUMAX 88 and 109 fasteners are developed to achieve ultimate tensile and yield strength values in line with those of Steel-screws in class 8.8 and 10.9. The BUMAX products can also give top performance long after standard fasteners have reached their limits. The difference compared to conventional products is especially noticeable in extreme environments.

……made from the best material in the market
The BUMAX fasteners are manufactured from a new variant of acid-proof Swedish steel SS 14.2343. We selected the best from many steels. The striking feature of the steel’s composition is its low Carbon content and increased content of Chromium and Nickel. Laboratory tests and practical application have shown that the special composition gives BUMAX products unsurpassed perfomance in a number of vital areas.


Superior corrosion resistance
Corrosion is a very difficult problem in damp and abrasive environments. The combination of low carbon content and the increased content of alloying elements gives the fasteners Bumax 88 and 109 superior resistance to corrosion.
Lower weight, same strength
As modern constructions develop, we are constantly aiming for minimum weight combined with retained or increased strength. Bumax 88 and Bumax 109 fasteners offer unique strength properties in relation to their weight. Fasteners of conventional standards often need two or three times the weight to manage the same job as a Bumax fastener.

Guaranteed traceability
As extra security, we guarantee the total traceability of all Bumax products in their original unopened packaging. All the information needed to trace the product back to the chemical composition of the steel and the manufacturing process of the product can be found on the label of the packaging.
Developed for demanding environments
Water, aggressive liquids, vibration, high pressure, extreme temperatures – today’s constructions must be able to withstand many harsh conditions and forces. It is here that the difference between Bumax products and conventional fasteners can be most clearly seen. When it comes to high strength, weight minimisation or a corrosive environment, the Bumax 88 and 109 fasteners are the superior solution.
One of the leading manufacturer & Suppliers of fasteners.
Area of expertise :
: SS 316 L HiMo
                    : BU 88 & BU 109
                    : Strogest stainless steel bolt in world
A4 - 80       : Sole suppliers of A4 - 80 in ndia.
                   : uniquely high strength with tensile strength of upto 800 N/ mm2
Platings       : CuAg / Dacromat / Geomet
Only suppliers of high quality trimming screws & Self taping screws in india.
With our wide product range we cater to customers in Engineering, Power, telecom, Chemical, Marine, Electronics, Defence, Pharmaceuticals & Offshore industries
Our Compentence :
High strength stainless steel Fasteners
: SS 316 L HiMO

With its Bumax range, Bufab Stainless has further reinforced its position as the leading developer of high-strength, stainless fasteners.

The latest addition to the range is Bumax Hard – a group of acid-proof, self-tapping screws which can simply form threads in the same way as equivalent hardened carbon steel screws.

  • The Bumax Hard self-tapping screw is suitable for fitting to sheet metal and profiles in Carbon steel. It can also work in stainless or acid-proof thin plate where the plate thickness is equal to or less than the thread pitch.
  • The Bumax Hard Taptite is excellent for fitting to sheet metal and profiles of carbon steel and stainless/acid-proof steel – the surface-treated version can work in material hardness up to approx. 200 H.

There is an increasing demand for higher performance and lower weight in modern constructions – not least as an energy-saving measure. This naturally increases the demands on fasteners.

Stronger, self-tapping, stainless- resistant screws typify modern requirements. Bumax Hard is the powerful answer from Bufab Stainless.

We have made a short 3D-sequence that illustrates the difference between screwing an ordinary screw and a Bumax Hard into a piece of steel or acid-proof steel

Products Range
Hexagon head bolt and screw
Bumax 109-M6S
Bumax 88-MS
Bumax 109-M6S-H
Bumax 88-M6S-H
Bumax 88-U6S
Hexagon socket head cap screw
Bumax 109-MC6S
Bumax 88-MC6S
Bumax 88-UC6S
Bumax 88-MF6S
Thread-forming screw
Bumax Hard-MRT-Taptite
Bumax MRT-Taptite
Bumax MRX-Taptite
Hexalobular socket head screw
Bumax 88-MKT
Self-tapping screw
Bumax Hard-RTS
Bumax ard-FTS
Bumax RX-Plastite
Hexagon nut
Bumax 109-M6M
Bumax 88-M6M
Bumax 88-U6M
Bumax 88-MF6M
Bumax Lock 88
Plain washer
Bumax 109-HRB
Bumax 88-RB
Bumax RBS
Stud and stud bolt
Bumax 88-PS
Bumax 88-MPS
Bumax 88-MHGS